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Is an online course designed to protect your family from the dangers of social media.
Get the tools needed to confidently guide your children to make smart choices on social media.

Learn what apps and sites have turned into unchaperoned playgrounds and what actually takes place there.

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Social Media is here to stay, so make sure you know how to keep it from hurting your kids
"I took these classes before my kids had smartphones and it really prepared me for what was to come. Now, we use these tools everyday at our house to keep our kids safe."

- Jill M. Louisiana
"I know a lot about social media but had no idea the kinds of things my kids were seeing online. This class was eye-opening and saved me from allowing my kids to make huge mistakes on social media."

- John S. Utah
The Struggle Is Real
...but we can help
Positive Planning
Fun & easy to follow video training guides to avoid social media mishaps by teaching them to use it with purpose.  

Social Media can actually help your kids & their future.
It's impossible to know everything your child is doing online, and when they're doing it.   

So let's make sure the when, where and time are all positive experiences.
Their Future
Every keystroke leaves a digital footprint that is public and permanent.  

Let's make sure they are are all positive and not damage career and college opportunities
Statistics to be aware of:
Stats that ARE alarming:
  •  88% of teens have experienced cruelty on a social media site.
  •  Sexual assault cases related to social media have increased by 300%.
  •  22% of teens lost friendships due to actions on social media sites.
  •  Sex crimes against a minor involve a social media site 50% of the time and the social networking site was used to initiate the relationship.
  •  43% of teens say they would change their online behavior if they knew that their parents were watching.
  •  55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they don’t know, including photos and physical descriptions.
  • *source
Headline disasters:
  •  Harvard Rescinds Admission to Ten Students Due to Social Media Posts
  •  Two High School Freshman Suspended and Arrested for Social Media Prank
  •  Twenty Students Suspended for "Liking" a Social Media Post
  •  Five Students Arrested for Felony Photoshopped Image of Teacher
  •  8th Grader Suspended for Social Media Comment
  •  Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Student Social Media Post
Your Instructor
Jaci Russo
For over a decade, Jaci Russo has traveled to schools around the country teaching workshops to parents in effort to help keep their kids safe online. Jaci is a social media expert and mother of 4, with over 25 years of experience working professionally in the branding, marketing. and social media industry.
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