Protect Your Family From the Dangers of Social Media & 
Prepare Them For Their Future
  •  In-depth look at the 9 biggest challenges facing kids on social media
  •  Actual screenshots from middle school and Jr. High students to illustrate these issues
  •  10 benefits of social media and how kids can use these tools effectively
The potential for scholarships being lost, admissions denied, friendships destroyed and future job opportunities taken away is very real.
But there are ways to protect your kids from themselves. By the end of the course, you will have the necessary tools needed to confidently guide your children and teach them how to make safer, smarter choices on social media. 
Social Nation U KIDS Edition
A NEW addition to Social Nation U
Something for the kids:

Driver's training comes before a license to drive.  Shouldn't there be something before our kids have the whole world at their fingertips.  

Our children have a mind that is still maturing, so the question is:  Who do we want them learning from first?
Bundle The Parents and Kids Editions and SAVE
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